Sudden Impact Inc.

How to Play Safely

Safety Rules
All players must follow all safety rules without exception. Any violation will result in that player being ejected from the game. Any explanations to the player will be discussed after that game is over. If a player violates a rule a second time, he will be ejected from the site.
  1. Safety goggles must be worn at all times. Safety goggles may be removed only in the registration area. There is absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Goggles must be worn at the target range.
  2. No shooting at the neck or head. Any player intentionally shooting at another player's head will be ejected from the field.
  3. No shooting into or out of the registration/neutral zones or parking areas. All guns must have safeties on and barrel plugs in when in the registration area. Rental guns may not be taken to the parking area. Guns may only be discharged on the playing field or at the target range. Do Not Shoot the Wildlife.
  4. No climbing of trees or structures. Players are not allowed to climb on or over any structures. Players may never climb trees. Do not rearrange the forts.
  5. No physical contact. Players may not touch another player or his equipment at any time during the game.
  6. No potentially dangerous gear. Players may not bring onto the playing field items such as tools, knives, rope, explosives, or any other equipment not supplied or approved by the gamesite operators.
  7. Avoid field hazards, such as holes, embankments, ruts, fences, and any other declared by the field judges.
  8. No booby traps. Players may not construct any types of booby traps or objects that my hinder another player's movement. Do not block any entrances to any fort or structure.
  9. No alcohol or illegal drugs. Players must check out before consuming any alcohol.
  10. Smoking in designated areas only. Smoking allowed in registration area only.
  11. No verbal abuse. Profanity, name calling, or slurs against anyone's race, color, religion, national origin, or parents will not be tolerated.
  12. Do not attempt to remove CO2 bottles from rental guns.
  13. Do not leave the guns in direct sunlight.
  14. Judges decisions are final. Any player arguing with judges during a game will be ejected from the field. Judges will be happy to discuss calls after the game is over.